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Fuel Yourself Fiercely: More than Miles Podcast


March 2023


More Than Miles

In Episode #49 of the More Than Miles Podcast, physical therapists Dr. Kate Mihevc Edwards and Dr. Kacy Seynders interview Sports Nutritionist and Registered Dietician, Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes, MS, RD, CSSD. Lindsey has worked with hundreds of clients on improving their lifestyle nutrition and fueling for performance in many sports arenas including endurance events. She is the founder and owner of Rise Up Nutrition and specializes in working with female athletes. In the podcast interview, Lindsey talks about her interests in health as relates to movement, nutrition, and holistic lifestyle factors. She has a unique background specializing in sports nutrition, combatting “RED-s” (Relative Energy Deficiency in sport), and supporting the nutrition needs of individuals according to their unique physiology and training cycles. Within the interview, Lindsey discusses some common symptoms of under fueling such as low energy, hair loss, abnormal lab results, easy to bruise, extreme coldness or temperature sensitivity and others. Some of these may surprise you! In discussing her sports and running background with Dr. Kate and Kacy, Lindsey talks about growing up as a gymnast and regularly playing sports with her siblings before getting into track and sprinting events in high school and college. Her foray into distance running began when she was in graduate school and took up “slow jogging” with her roommate as a way to stay active and allow a hamstring injury that she had sustained during sprinting to heal. She fell in love with the ½ marathon distance, which she describes as her favorite to run and race in currently! She also talks about how she has honed in a specialized method in working with athletes for 12 week sessions to become “Fierce, Fit, and Fueled.” She wants her clients to be physically fit but also mentally in a good place via their food choices, relationship with food, and sports performance! Her philosophy is that, “You have to be a healthy human first before you can be a healthy athlete!” (and be fuelled for your sport). The interview also includes Lindsey’s tips on how to improve nutrition in easy ways, timing of fueling for performance as an endurance athlete and the importance of macronutrient composition of pre-workout and post-workout meals. You will certainly take some useful information from this podcast on maximizing the enjoyment and nutrition from your food choices as an endurance athlete!

Listen here:

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