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online courses
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These 30-minute video courses are designed to give you actionable steps & science-backed evidence to fuel better. If you've been listening the podcast and picking up great "tips" but need a bit more concrete direction on HOW to implement these dietary changes ... these mini courses should do the trick! 

Each course led by Lindsey Cortes MS RD CSSD includes video content on a specific topic, downloadable handout, and a corresponding recipe!

Watch the video, take notes & learn. Then download the recipes or handouts and apply it to your life. Become fierce fit and fueled!

Lindsey has designed these courses to be easily accessible, low time commitment, and financially do-able. You won't regret signing up for 1, 2, or all of them!

begin your fueling today

No available programs

Courses to look forward to:

  • Pre & Post Workout Fueling

  • Nutrient Timing

  • Macro Needs & Energy Availability

  • Micronutrient Needs

  • REDS prevention

  • REDS recovery

  • Nutrition & Menstrual cycle

  • Carb loading

  • Nutrients for Injury healing & prevention

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