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Many of our guests on the Female Athlete Nutrition Podcast are coaches, doctors, dietitians, therapists etc. who have their own businesses or services to hep YOU. Perhaps you listened to an episode and want to get in contact for further information. Use the tabs to search your area of specialty needed and find the help you need... today! By listening to their episode and checking out the show notes you will find links to websites or social media handles if avaiabe.

Don't forget, I'm here to help you too! As a Sports Dietitian I offer online courses and 1:1 help to select clients. You can email me to see if we are a good fit for working together at: 

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Dietitians & Nutrition Help

  • Angie Asche- Episode 185- Sports Dietitian focusing on MLB, ball sports, and elite athletes

  • Maddie Alm- Episode 178-Sports Dietitian focusing on elite running & endurance sports

  • Meghann Featherstun - Episode 176 - Sports Dietitian specializing in endurance athletes & marathon running

  • Kelsey Pontius - Episode 174 - Sports Dietitian specializing in endurance athletes & marathon running

  • Lexi Cole- Episode 171- Culinary Dietitian working with To Taste

  • Dr. Kelly Pritchett - Episode 165- Registered Dietitian focusing on female athletes

  • Paula Strum - Episode 162 - Registered Dietitian focusing on gut health

  • Marissa Casella - Episode 154 - Sports Dietitian working with youth and high school athletes at IMG academy

  • Heidi Stricker- Episode 145- Registered Dietitian working with endurance athletes with eating disorders

  • Cynthia Donovan - Episode 139 - Registered Dietitian helping women overcome amenorrhea

  • Emily Barhart - Episode 121- Sports Dietitian helping injured athletes recover

  • Taylor Larson - Episode 106 - Registered Dietitian treating eating disorders

  • Emilie Burgess - Episode 97 - Sports Dietitian

  • Heather Caplan- Episode 93 - Registered Dietitian with an anti-diet weight inclusive Health At Every Size approach

  • Stevie Lyn Smith- Episode 69 - Sports Dietitian working with endurance sports & blood biomarkers

  • Rebecca Cawood - Episode 25 - Registered Dietitian treating eating disorders

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