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Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes MS RD CSSD is a mother, Sports Dietitian, entrepreneur, and lifelong athlete. Her mission is to help female athletes use food as fuel to perform at their highest level. 


As a childhood athlete in multiple sports, mostly gymnastics, and later Division 1 track and field at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Lindsey understands the importance of fueling properly. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from UMASS and continued to complete a Master of Science in Sports Nutrition and dietetic internship at Florida State University.


She has worked as a sports dietitian for collegiate athletes at schools including the University of Georgia, Florida State University, and University of Texas San Antonio. She has helped athletes across various sports including swimming, track & field, cross country, basketball, tennis, equestrian, golf, volleyball, soccer, and MORE! For 4 years she also worked as the tactical dietitian for Air Force Special Operations and continues to support the US military through various contracts.

Throughout her professional career and personal athletic experiences, Lindsey has witnessed far too many athletes fall into the trap of underfueling, overtraining, REDS, disordered eating, and more. She is on a mission to stop that – to empower female athletes to understand food, have fun with food, and of course fuel their athletic dreams.


From 2018 to 2024, Lindsey established her own practice, Rise Up Nutrition LLC, to focus solely on helping female athletes fuel to their unique needs. She has helped hundreds of female athletes ranging in ages, sports, and competitive levels in both 1:1 and group nutrition coaching, becoming one of the top specialists in the field for female athlete nutrition. In 2020 Lindsey began the Female Athlete Nutrition Podcast releasing an episode every week to help spread the mission.


In 2023 her second son, Levi, was born with a rare metabolic disorder that has forced her to slow down work and properly care for him. While Rise Up Nutrition LLC was dissolved in January 2024, her skillset as a dietitian only strengthened ... Levi's condition is managed 100% by nutrition.  His disorder involves medically necessary food restrictions, tube feedings, and constant blood sugar monitoring to care for him. Lindsey believes Levi was gifted to her for many reasons ... and furthering understanding of the amazing human body and all it is capable of is just one.

For speaking events, large or small, guest inquiries, or simply to get in touch please send Lindsey a direct email:

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In addition to years of running her own business and hosting this podcast, Lindsey has also been featured as a guest in many other podcasts. Here you'll find the various podcasts. articles, blogs and recorded events that Lindsey was featured in!

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