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Practice better discounts for listeners of the female athlete nutrition podcast

Practice Better

An all-in-one platform to manage your nutrition or health business ... BETTER! From hosting client sessions, charting, billing & payments, nutrition and activity trackers, client communication, calendar and more!

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The Female Athlete Nutrition podcast is very selective about who sponsors the show or provides consumer discounts through affiliate marketing. Why? Because I believe in individualized nutrition, a food-first, and a one-size does NOT fit all approach to nutrition. When I launched by business helping female athletes fuel better in 2018 I was adamant to be brand-neutral. And when I launched the podcast in 2020 I did it completely out of pocket investing thousands of dollars over the years to provide YOU with free content and information.

However since then, a few things have happened. First, though working with my clients I discovered that the more direct I was in my advice, the easier it was for them to take action. Instead of just saying "eat more carbs" ... if I told them "go buy X brand and start adding it to your lunches" it was a lot EASIER for them to take action, and therefore see results. So the brands we are currently affiliated with may not be the ONLY solution to your fueling needs ... but it is ONE solution that you can take action on make life and fueling easier for you.


Next, through interviewing guests on the podcasts I've build connections and networks with other like-minded individuals and companies. There are hundreds of great brands out there .... but the ones below are from people who have an authentic mission to help female athletes... and I want to support that! I've gotten to know these people and brands personally and am making an honest recommendation.

With that in mind, please please please take advantage of the amazing discount offers above, all thanks to being a F.A.N of the Female Athlete Nutrition podcast! Partnerships range from food, supplement & health companies, tools for other nutrition professionals or coaches, and apparel! ENJOY! And if you have a product you'd like us to consider promoting on the podcast, please reach out using the form to the left!

- Lindsey Cortes MS RD CSSD

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